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Smartsheet is an enterprise work management platform that enables teams to manage projects, automate processes, and scale programs in one powerful platform, while maintaining visibility and keeping distributed teams connected. Smartsheet offers a rich set of views, workflows, reports, and dashboards to adapt to the needs of the managers – from projects to multi-faceted company-wide initiatives.

Being a Smartsheet Aligned Partner, Ignatiuz has forged successful collaborations with numerous esteemed clients for many years now, solidifying its position as the go-to partner for organizations in this industry seeking Smartsheet-powered business transformation.


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Overlooking the no-code/low-code application development as the VP, Center of Excellence at Ignatiuz, Amit possess strong analytical mindset to lay the foundation of robust Smartsheet solutions. As a Smartsheet Core Certified Professional, Amit loves supporting the Smartsheet community. Amit is a Smartsheet Community Champion and a Community Ambassador.

Amit's core strengths lie in providing valuable insights, analytics, and business intelligence, which contribute to identifying new opportunities, reengineering processes, and fostering organizational growth.


Kaveri seamlessly blends her passion for people and technology, a unique combination that enables her to learn quickly and collaborate effectively. Her experience spans across diverse technology domains, including Angular, JavaScript, and Smartsheet, equipping her with the skills to be a versatile team player. At present, Kaveri focuses primarily on Smartsheet.

As a Smartsheet Core Product Certified professional, a Smartsheet Community Champion and a Community Ambassador, she has worked on a range of projects, developing a deep understanding of project management and associated tools. Kaveri has leveraged Smartsheet to address complex challenges faced by large clients in areas such as project management, logistics, and inventory management. By employing intricate formulas and designing intuitive mobile applications, she has consistently delivered innovative solutions to her clients.