Power BI
Power BI

Data Visualization Tool

Facilitates Data Driven Business Decision

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The Pillars of Data Visualization



Easy access to larger database

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Simply explain the data driven conclusion

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Customize the dashboard

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Rich graphical dashboard

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Power BI Data Visualization

Power BI enable users to build sophisticated, visual dashboards from their data. Being a part of the Power Platform, Power BI dashboards components can easily be embedded into PowerApps solution and vice versa. It facilitates quick insights for informed decision making.

The data strategy you’re putting into place today needs to bring intelligence to where your data lives, work with any language, any data from anywhere while delivering the most secure, compliant and scalable platform. How do you make sure you’re getting all of that while staying open for tomorrow? 

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Power BI for Retail
Aakash Rajpoot

Aakash owns expertise on SharePoint technology as well as on Power BI. He holds 6+ years of experience and served more than 15 clients in his career span, which evolved him to be empathetic in identifying the client requirement, beyond that developing the right solution.

Dinky Khandelwal

Dinky is a scholar of Business Intelligence and so grasp the requirement quickly, resulting in serving the client at most satisfaction. She holds the record of signing off the project within the set timeframe.

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