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Get Inspired, Digital Workplace
Get Inspired, Digital Workplace
Intelligent Intranet
Intelligent Intranet 2020

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It contains various design templates, list of modules built using Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI. For more information reach out to us at +1-484-200-7375 or email us at info@ignatiuz.com 


left-quotes  Digital transformation was one of the most needed activities in our company. Being a manufacturing planner, I had to make sure that all the different departments involved in manufacturing process have clear insights into what is being worked on and what is coming next. We upgraded from Microsoft Excel to Google sheets but that did not help much. Ignatiuz’s innovative digital workplace solutions helped us bring everyone to same platform which is innovative and easy to use. Our update meetings have reduced from twice a day to once a week and more focused on productive strategy discussions rather than status updates.  right-quotes

-- Manufacturing planner at a healthcare company.