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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used every day by healthcare personnel (HCP) to protect themselves, patients, and others when providing care. PPE helps protect HCP from potentially infectious patients and materials, toxic medications, and other potentially dangerous substances used in healthcare delivery.

Efficient ways to manage the PPE inventory are required now more than ever. We have helped our customers across the globe with highly efficient but easy to use tools.  These tools not only save time and effort but ensure you are at the forefront of knowing everything you need to with just a few clicks. At Ignatiuz, our job is to help make it easier for frontline fighters to have the equipment they need at such a crucial time when the whole world is fighting the pandemic. Our goal is to simplify PPE inventory management so that our heroes at the frontline are better equipped while saving lives and allows healthcare management teams to ensure the availability of the right PPE at the right quantity at the right time.

Managing PPE Inventory with Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform consists of four products Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents. Power BI is used for high-level data analysis using multiple sources. Power Automate helps reduce manual tasks with power of smart automation. Power Apps is used building powerful mobile apps. Power Virtual Agents is for developing engaging and intuitive chatbots to enhance user experience and support. Microsoft Power Platform helps in the digital transformation of businesses by helping them develop futuristic solutions with ease and to automate various processes to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

PPE Inventory Management

An intuitive inventory management facilitates to let you manage personal protective equipment inventory in real time. Users can scan barcode of the items as they continue using it and the inventory gets updated in real time, giving you a clearer insight and backfill the orders timely.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has upended lives of people around the world. It has shown us how unpreparedness stretches across different levels including public, government and corporates. This is a high time when companies around the globe are looking for quick and easy ways to sail through this hard time and have formulated incident response teams internally. 

We joined hands with few global companies involved in providing essential and medical services fighting the pandemic and developed few easy to use tools to assist during this pandemic.

Ignatiuz commits support

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The PPE inventory management system from Ignatiuz helps you streamline all processes and ensures you are able to manage PPE stock levels without breaking a sweat. Our management system gives you a complete overview of your inventory and PPE usage at every step along the way with advanced efficient PPE inventory tracking. This helps you gather insights and information at the right time so you can make decisions in a snap. Here are ways we ensure you can manage your PPE inventory levels with ease and have complete control at all times.

Scanning to identify correct materials for storage

  • Scan using barcode when new PPE stock arrives for faster and efficient information storage.
  • The stock quantity of the received PPE stock can be manually entered through the mobile app.
  • When PPEs are used, the user can scan the barcode and fill in whatever quantity he/she needs.
  • Searching for PPE is fast and intuitive, since product images according to categories are available in the app.
  • Access to PPE distribution records ensures easy stock management

Maintaining database of all materials

  • The PPE management software saves information related to PPE inventory levels in a central database.
  • Quick retrieval of information about PPE stock levels is possible at any time.
  • PPE stock levels are updated in real-time to display accurate data at all times.
  • Information is presented in an easy-to-read accessible format so that anyone can quickly view the status of PPE stock availability.
  • Interactive reports are generated to help the management understand patterns and trends for strategic purchase decisions.

Verifying storage conditions

  • Stores information about the various storage conditions required by different PPEs for efficient functioning.
  • The software helps provide users with critical info on how much stock can be stored and where it can be stored.
  • Helps verify whether the extra stock is stored in proper conditions so PPEs are not damaged due to negligence or improper handling and storage.
  • Monitors the storage of different equipment and ensures they are always stored there after use.

Completing inspections

  • Ensures easy inspection as information is easily retrievable with a few clicks.
  • Quick retrieval of information about PPEs that were received and used including the time of use.
  • Inspection reports of PPE inventory are accurate because of centralized information storage.
  • Detailed reports to help management figure out and forecast if more stock is required thereby increasing efficiency.

Communicating effectively for maintenance

  • Create custom alerts depending on inventory plans which can differ from hospital to hospital.
  • Set triggers when low stock levels are reached, the proper individual is informed.
  • Integrate PPE data seamlessly through the Microsoft Power Platform with third-party integrations.

Audit trail of stock usage

  • Centralized data storage ensures easy audit every time, thanks to quick data access and retrieval.
  • Monitor how much PPE comes in and how much is used at any given time.
  • Detailed reports help view how much PPE is in stock versus how much is used.
  • Always have up-to-date data of PPE stocks and control everything with a few clicks.

The importance of PPE management in the COVID-19 Era

When the pandemic struck initially in early 2020, hospitals did not realize there would be such a shortage of PPEs. But it did, due to panic buying amongst the general public and the exponential surge in COVID-19 cases that left many medical facilities unprepared, thus crippling their operations. The situation left many medical staff without protection which was worrisome as COVID-19 spread through respiratory droplets that can be easily passed on from one person to another. Frontline health workers who are at the forefront of providing medical help were exposed to the deadly virus which left them vulnerable. The demand for PPEs kept increasing and hospitals were left with not enough PPE including masks and shields due to the lack of a proper PPE stock management.

To add to this, cases of PPE theft from hospitals made headlines shining the spotlight on the poor management of hospitals and medical centers, citing how easy it is to get access to such precious life-saving equipment. Today, PPEs are in as much demand as before because COVID-19 cases are still increasing at an alarming rate across the US and the rest of the world. Frontline health workers work day in and day out to serve and ensure every patient is tended to. But without PPEs, it puts them at a much higher risk of contracting the infection themselves. This is why proper inventory management is necessary at every medical facility to ensure they can do their job without fear.

Supply needs to meet demand in hospitals and medical facilities, as frontline workers continue to work hard to assist as many people as possible. COVID-19 has brought to the fore what hospitals were lacking - proper management systems. The solution to ensuring proper visibility of PPE stock levels is to have a powerful inventory management system in place. Medical staff should be given the confidence and reassurance that they are in a safe and secure environment that cares for them. A proper personal protective equipment inventory and monitoring system can go a long way in achieving such a work environment. Taking the right step today can ensure a safer and better tomorrow.

Amit Wadhwani

With a passion for technology and innovation, Amit’s core focus remains on following consulting led approach and bringing strategic innovation with the use of efficient tools for our clients. Having worked closely with business and technology decision makers from various industries including government, finance, education, innovation and healthcare etc., his result-oriented approach has helped our clients achieve faster ROI on their digital transformation initiatives.