Digitalize HR Processes

Our HR portals are secure internal sites that allow employees to access HR-related content like handbooks, policies, forms, benefits information, safety manuals, and much more

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HR Portal
  • Better collaboration, productivity, and efficiency for the HR staff.
  • Easy-to-use management features for your HR team.
  • Fast, accurate delivery of information to employees.
  • Workplace applications for hiring, performance reviews, onboarding, and more
  • Less paperwork and better document organization.
  • Trackable HR service requests and management of employee documents, certifications, and much more.
HR Portal

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Rajesh is skilled in building the strategic solutions and supporting the necessary valuable relationships both internally and externally in order to deliver world class business transformation services.
As a successful architect, Rajesh holds 11 years of strong experience and enjoys designing transformational products for clients to meet their business needs. He not only plan, architect and design but also guide the subsequent implementations and support building road map by running business process review. His analytical skills and operating plans ensure the consistency with the enterprise’s long-term objectives.


Rahul Barpha is head for development related to, angular and sql. He loves helping subordinate to plan, optimize and deploy the project. He spent majority of his career for working in Microsoft technology gaining experience through niche function helped me developed multiple new product. While product development is his primary job functions, Rahul also enjoy assisting chef of his family restaurant and support go-green cause through his gardening skills.

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