Ignatiuz Launches Data Visualization Platform to Track Employee Vaccination Status

A step towards creating a safer workplace ecosystem during this pandemic, Ignatiuz introduces a data visualization platform that tracks the vaccination status of employees and their family members.

Philadelphia, USA, 30th July 2021: As subsequent COVID-19 waves continue and the need for higher vaccination rates soar, Ignatiuz has launched a data visualization platform to track employees’ vaccination status. As one of the leading digital workplace solution providers with a large portfolio of products, this is another step from Ignatiuz towards building a safer workplace ecosystem during this pandemic where employees feel comfortable and at ease when engaging with their colleagues at the office.

“Remote work culture will last. However, there are companies and departments within those companies that are required to be present at the workplace to fulfill their responsibilities. So some people will eventually return back to their offices. We are already seeing that,” said Piyush Banhani, Solution Architect at Ignatiuz. “When employees do return, it’s the responsibility of the employers to provide them a safer working environment where they aren’t anxious about contracting the virus. This is essential for their performance. Most importantly, this is essential for their and their family’s health, which must be the key priority. This is the basic premise behind our vaccination status data visualization platform that aims to provide higher transparency in the workplace.”

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Ignatiuz is a highly renowned IT and web development company, offering a wide range of technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a commitment to enable growth and success for clients, Ignatiuz provides everything from Microsoft 365 consulting and implementation to IT managed services like disaster recovery and database management. Its portfolio of products includes various apps for inventory management, vendor management, and more. Its Smartsheet Project Management Tool is used by some of the leading brands.

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The data visualization platform from Ignatiuz to track employee vaccination status is a part of its Smartsheet offering. Designed robustly with a user-centric approach, the platform visualizes vaccination data of employees, as well as their family members. It records and highlights how many people in the organization have been infected, how many have received the vaccine, what's their and their family's immunity status, and other relevant information. The interface is fully customizable and organizations can choose to add additional relevant data as well. The platform is built to help employers and team members understand how safe the ecosystem is within the organization. This transparency is intended to flatten the curve and promote a safer ecosystem where people can interact and collaborate at the workplace without worrying about contracting the virus, eventually building the pre-COVID-19-like social bonds.

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“We are very excited about the product. It’s the need of the hour as more companies are preparing to bring employees back to the traditional workplace. Employers need to make their team members feel safer. After all, it’s not just about their own health but also their family’s,” said Sonal Gangwani, HRBP & Manager Talent Acquisition at Ignatiuz. “Higher transparency through vaccination data is one of the ways companies can build a safer workplace ecosystem. We’re already seeing many of our clients using this data visualization platform. We hope it makes a real difference for them in these challenging times.”

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“Based out of Philadelphia with a presence in New York and New Jersey in the USA and Indore and Pune in India, Ignatiuz is a highly renowned IT solutions provider. It was founded in 2012. Catering to SMEs, as well as large enterprises, Ignatiuz offers several digital workplace solutions that are aimed at enabling organizations to grow and succeed. To know more about Ignatiuz, please visit https://www.ignatiuz.com/