Machine Learning and Deep Learning

With machine learning, you can build powerful recommendation engines to delight customers with improved shopping experiences.

AI and Deep Learning

Cloud, data, and AI are creating enormous business opportunities—from reducing costs and streamlining operations, to driving entirely new business models and revenue channels.

85% of organizations have started data-driven initiatives, but only 37% report success


AI Technology

Technology demands
a power-intensive infrastructure

Data Increasing

Data is exponentially increasing in volume

Security Degradation

Security, latency, and degradation concerns from data transfer.


ML and AI models are difficult to deploy to the edge and applications

advanced analytics
Enterprise Scenario for AI

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Rajesh is skilled in building the strategic solutions and supporting the necessary valuable relationships both internally and externally in order to deliver world class business transformation services.
As a successful architect, Rajesh holds 11 years of strong experience and enjoys designing transformational products for clients to meet their business needs. He not only plan, architect and design but also guide the subsequent implementations and support building road map by running business process review. His analytical skills and operating plans ensure the consistency with the enterprise’s long-term objectives.


Vivek is a power platform developer specializing Microsoft technology and front-end development. Passionate learner who continuously update his mental model and handle complexity. Facilitating low code rapid development empower the user to scale their business operation, bringing in some credits in Vivek profile as well.